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The Designer

Hideo Wakamatsu is a Japanese designer born and raised in Tokyo. He came from a family business that is Japan's leading maker of "Randoseru", the traditional Japanese schoolbags. After studying Japanese and French art and literature in university, Hideo moved to Paris where he spent the next ten years immersing himself in European culture while working with a wide range of bag makers. From this, Hideo he created his own brand which draws on Japanese and French design traditions to create carrying accessories with a unique blend of style, function and value.
As a designer, Hideo actively participates in all stages of the development of his designs from conception to construction and beyond. Hideo's personal touch yields designs that feel well thought out and at the same time include quirky and romantic features that would never emerge from a typical mass-merchandiser's fragmented design and production process.

The Brand

Hideo Wakamatsu – the label, was established in 1989 with its flagship store in Paris Luxembourg Park. Since then, Hideo Wakamatsu has spread out all throughout Japan, and in different countries. It is currently available in Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia/NZ, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, UK, and now in the Philippines.

The rise of its popularity is due to the quality, style, and affordability Hideo Wakamatsu offers to its clients. Hideo Wakamatsu has received praise and won several awards for its design such as Japanese Good Design Award. Hideo Wakamatsu continues to strive to innovate the features and design of the bags and luggage that will cater to all its customers’ travel needs.

Awards and Recognition

1987: Two “Good Design” awards for business bag designs.
      (The Good Design Award is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation
and commendation system which is very influential.)
1991: “Good Design” award for a business bag design.
1992: “Good Design” award for a business bag design.
1994: “Good Design” award for a suit case and school bag design.
      “Good Design” award at Osaka design center for a school bag design.
1995: “Good Design” award for a trolley bag design.
      “Good Design” award at Osaka design center for a suit case design.
      “Certificate of appreciation” for fostering higher standards of excellence in export product quality and design in Taiwan.
1996: Two “Good Design” awards for trolley bag designs.
1997: “Good Design” award for a business bag design.
      “National Design Award 1997” from the Minister of Economic affairs in Taiwan.
1998: Two “Good Design” awards for back pack designs.
1999: “Good Design” award for a back pack design.
2001: Two “Good Design” awards for back pack designs.
2004: “The Best Prize of APLF Award” in Hong Kong.
2006: “Grand Prix Best Meister Minister of Economy Award” for Handle II.
      “Good Design” award for randoseru
2007: “President of Japan Department Store Association” award.
2015: "Good Design" award for the new silent wheel used in several luggage

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