Hideo Wakamatsu Philippines
Your TSA Lock
The Hideo Wakamatsu suitcase/luggage comes a TSA Locking System. The TSA Locking system was developed by United States airport and customs officials. It allows them to open your luggage without breaking your lock.
Your Hideo Wakatmatsu suitcase can come with either of the following TSA lock:
     Key Lock                                     Card Lock                            Combination Lock
Key Lock: if your suitcase/luggage has the TSA Key Lock you should be supplied with two identical keys to lock and unlock your suitcase/luggage.
TSA Card Lock: if your suitcase/luggage has the TSA Card Lock you should be supplied with a Card Key.
Check the numbers on the Card Key – it should match exactly the one on the suitcase / luggage lock (contact us if they are different for the replacement). 
To lock and un-lock simply slide in along the direction indicated on the card key – slide left to lock, slide right to un-lock.  Make sure the color window of the card lock is changed. Red means your suitcase/luggage is locked, green means it is unlocked.

TSA Combination Lock: if your suitcase/luggage has the TSA Combination Lock, locking and unlocking is via the combination lock. The keyhole is for airport officials use only – there are no keys supplied to you.
The factory default combination is set to 0-0-0. To set your own unique 3-digit combination, press down the small reset button with a pointed object (a ball point pen will do fine). While holding the reset button fully pressed, set your desired 3-digit combination sequence and remove the reset button.
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